You Had Us At Merlot 


In 1996, Tony Valenzano turned his passion into his profession and opened Valenzano Winery. He started small and produced just over 1,200 gallons during his first year of operation. Now, nearly 20 years later, Valenzano Winery is one of New Jersey’s leading wine producers, crafting more than 100,000 gallons annually. Wanting to raise their profile and their brand, Valenzano Winery turned to Paragraph, having recognized our work with Yards Brewing Company.

After meetings and tastings, Paragraph partnered with the Valenzano family, guiding them through a rebranding initiative that included redesigning their brand mark, packaging, product lines, and promotional materials to position them as not only one of New Jersey’s leading wine producers, but also one of its premier destinations for weddings, special events, and tastings.



  • Product brand architecture

  • Naming and messaging

  • Visual language and identity

  • Promotional campaigns and materials

Valenzano_Web_Images 7.png
Sales are significantly up. We think that the new brand identity is having a big impact on sales and impulse buying at liquor stores. 
For months, we’ve been pulling all cases of the older label designs off the shelves, no matter the cost. Immediately after doing this, sales picked up in most of the accounts that were still hanging on to old brand. We are very happy with the rebrand and are confident it is driving sales growth.
— Anthony Valenzano, Owner, Valenzano Winery