Pan-Latin Roots with a Global Reach


Being a global restaurateur means a lot of things. It means you have high-concept establishments, driven by your passion for inspired cuisine, in cultural hotspots from Denver to Dubai. It also means you face the challenge of giving each restaurant its own authentic voice, while connecting it to the larger family of brands. With over 50 restaurants Richard Sandoval Hospitality approached Paragraph to help a handful of them find that voice and determine how to use it, while ending the perception that hotel dining is uninspiring.

After visiting Chicago’s Baptiste & Bottle, Houston’s Bayou & Bottle, Miami’s Toro Toro, and Philly’s very own Aqimero we found that each restaurant has a distinct flavor, both on the menu and in the atmosphere. While unique in their style, they are connected by a daring approach to Latin-inspired cuisine, a dedication to quality, and a sophisticated social dining experience.



  • Insights and analytics

  • Strategy and positioning

  • Message platform

  • Visual language and identity

  • Website design and development

  • Promotional campaigns and materials

  • Media strategy and planning

  • Social media strategy and planning

  • Experience and environments


Through developing a tailor-made brand platform for each restaurant and partnering with their marketing and management teams, we deployed a plan for success. Foundational brand standards, thoughtful social media plans, on-brand event concepts, and comprehensive photo-shoots have helped them reach a wider audience with an authentic voice that carries the passion of Chef Sandoval himself.

Paragraph brand guideline pages for Richard Sandoval Hospitality

Creating customized guidelines for each restaurant ensures consistency and quality, while maintaining a connection the larger brand family.