PhillyVoice began as a startup news organization eager to embody the City of Brotherly Love; a gateway to culture, events, and stories surrounding the region. The company experienced solid growth within their first year but soon realized that to continue developing their voice, they needed to fine-tune their brand focus. The team required a more consistent mission and coherent game plan to better deliver relevant content to an evolving readership. We were approached to assist PhillyVoice in becoming a top mobile and social source for information from the inside out. 



  • Insights and analytics

  • Strategy and positioning

  • Message platform

  • Visual language

  • Employee communication


Through our collaboration with PhillyVoice, we succeeded in revamping their verbal platform to better serve digital users with localized, personalized articles. By interviewing employees, conducting readership surveys, and combing through data and analytics, we helped the organization better articulate its position as the number-one mobile supplier for news. We found 30% of readers first heard about PhillyVoice via social media and 49% of their traffic came from their social media platforms. Data also proved that 67% were mobile users and 79% were ages 18-44.


Understanding these statistics better equipped us to define a clear direction and structure for their content. This included promoting their unique and individualized writing styles to reach a broader audience with contagious and shareable content. We showed PhillyVoice how to capitalize on their success while focusing on their distinct attributes.

With a more transparent strategy, stories became more cohesive, accessible, and alluring to a larger audience. Content management improved and data trending to the website continues to increase. We helped transform and strengthen the brand into the dynamic news source it is today, a leader in the Philadelphia marketplace.