Dottie’s Dinette


An investment group approached us to help them develop a new concept for a breakfast-focused restaurant, with the potential to roll it out later on a larger scale. Inspired by the mid-century diner aesthetic, we created the Dottie’s Dinette brand for them. Our strategy was to instill a timeless, familiar feeling with a contemporary visual aesthetic, and ‘Dottie’, a sort of matron saint of American diners, became our namesake and foundation. Everyone knows Dottie, and subsequently everyone knows what to expect from the dinette bearing her name. From the name to the interior design, the full suite of marketing materials to the customer touchpoint, we developed a brand system from the ground up that could easily be adapted to different environments, while still meaning something to customers wherever it went.



  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging Platforms

  • Brand Visual Platforms

  • Brand Guidelines and Toolkits

  • Marketing Materials Development

  • Promotional Campaign Development