Devereux foundation


Devereux is a leading national nonprofit behavioral health organization that operates multiple networks, centers, and programs across more than 11 states. They came to us expressing their need to pull together a widely unorganized patchwork of independently operating centers and programs under one brand. They were looking to address the fact that many of their constituents at local levels had no idea the organization they so frequently interacted with had a national presence. Paragraph performed a full audit of the Devereux communications, working with stakeholders across the organization—including board members, executive directors, donors, families, staff, and communities—to understand what was at the core of the organization. We then translated our findings into a new brand architecture, naming convention, message platform, compelling new brand image, and tools to serve as the foundation for the future. With the image and offering aligned, and all programs under the same roof, Devereux was able to achieve its goal of communicating its presence on the national stage with confidence.



  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging Platforms

  • Brand Visual Platforms

  • Brand Guidelines and Toolkits

  • Marketing Materials

2018 Adirondack Experience campaign brand promise over historical topography

We developed a message platform that serves as a foundation to communicate to the various audience groups that Devereux reaches.

Adirondack Experience levels of engagement tree ring infographic

Paragraph helped Devereux define its brand architecture to organize their locations, programs, and services.