We have been Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s creative and strategic partner for their Classic Towns program since 2007. The initiative was created to assist the region’s older suburbs and neighborhoods in promoting their communities as livable, vibrant, dynamic communities. We were tasked with the challenge to market and promote the Classic Towns’ program for long-term economic development and revitalization.

Through over 11 years of storytelling, we’ve developed brand messaging, digital and social media marketing strategies, and promotional campaigns to position these first-generation suburbs uniquely. We’ve focused on quality of life as an overarching theme while establishing voices for each town.

We’ve created original content that promotes livability in the individual towns and acts as a shareable voice for each community. The Classic Towns initiative continues to live on as the best way to engage users with relevant material that attracts new residents to these special places.



  • Insights and analytics

  • Strategy and positioning

  • Naming and messaging

  • Visual language and identity

  • Website design and development

  • Promotional campaigns and materials

  • Media strategy and planning

  • Social media strategy and planning


To promote the variety of programs, events, and activities in the Classic Towns, we use Google AdWords’ search, display, and retargeting ads to reach new and returning users. Over a one year period our strategic ads combined with out social media efforts resulted in a 50% increase in website visits and a 35% increase in new visitors.


Social media is the #1 referring channel that drives traffic to the website. We manage the Classic Towns’ social media channels to help implement both curated, and original content. We maintain their livability brand through initiatives like video blogs, Taste of the Towns food tours, blog posts, House of the Month highlights, and more.

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