Roadrunner, the Coyote’s after you


Ahh, the elusive roadrunner. Poor ol’ starving coyote just can’t catch you. Just like millennials being chased by marketers, there’s too many gimmicks and not enough common sense. Over the past several years we’ve witnessed it all. Change your name! Use Instagram! Snapchat! Get influencers! They crave experience!!! Just like the Coyote’s ACME products, all gimmicks point to an endless pursuit (and BTW, who doesn’t love experience)!

There are several millenials that work at Paragraph and guess what, they are all individually different, have different interests, do different things in their spare time, and quite frankly don’t fit a cookie cutter mold. However, they do have one thing in common, they find humor in being labeled “millennial.” 

I’m on the cusp of the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations. I just returned from a trip to Italy. While there, I met other American “Baby Boomers” and other than the fact that we were traveling within the same country, we all used different modes of travel, had different likes, different dislikes, and different curiosities.  


When developing a marketing strategy, be less general and focus on individual interests and how those interests align with your offering. Following generational labels will only lead you off a cliff.


See some of examples of how we work to align interests with offerings within Adirondack Experience, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority, and Classic Towns.

Robert AretzComment