Vive La Difference!


Pepé Le Pew is constantly in search of love. His amorous ways usually lead him to chasing a female black cat, whom he mistakes for a skunk because in each episode she accidentally gets a white stripe painted down her back. This cartoon’s story centers around a classic case of mis-labeling. Much like the meaning of branding.


Branding is commonly confused with logo design. On the surface they might look similar but with closer inspection, they are quite different (much like a cat is to a Pepé).


Logos are a type of visual shorthand or badge that is often based on aesthetics and/or trends. Logo designers are plentiful and sites like 99Designs and Fiverr offer logos for next to nothing. Branding on the other hand, requires looking into the business process to unearth and understand an organization’s unique value proposition. True branding takes into account the actions that an organization should take to deliver on a promise, for everyone, every time. Only after that process should your brand’s identity be considered and developed. A successful brand identity will encapsulate the spirit of the organization, trigger an emotional connection, and speak to the desired audiences. So, if you are attracting the wrong customers, you may be getting skunked.

 Check out some examples of how Paragraph has created solid brand foundations for organization like Astral, Iovine Brothers, and A&S Kinard.

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