Oh Magoo, You've Done it Again!


Mr. Magoo’s near-sightedness and self-certainty has caused him to wind up in more than one situation where he should not be. In “Magoo’s Homecoming,” he attempts to return to his beloved alma mater and wanders into an elephant house at a nearby zoo, thinking it’s his old dorm. Staring at an elephant’s backside, he reminisces about how the view is just as beautiful as it once was. As some advertising agencies, PR agencies, and design firms wander aimlessly, opining about advertising’s “good ol’ days,” they’ve turned to “branding.” You may have seen “branding” listed on an agency’s websites like an á la carte item on a diner menu along with other tactics like digital advertising, web design, social media, public relations, media buying, graphic design, and more!


The misconception is that branding is just another advertising tactic and is nothing more than the design of a logo or the creation of a tagline. Although these brand identity items are important components, they are only a part of the larger equation.


The branding process should be aligned with a business strategy and define an organizational promise that then needs to be authentically delivered through every single customer interaction and experience with that brand resulting in an organizational focus that people will recognize and trust.

By approaching branding with a far-sighted, thoughtful methodology you can hit the mark and avoid marveling at an elephant’s large gray rear end. See some examples of how we have accomplished this with organizations like PA BalletAstralFleisher Art Memorial, and Adirondack Experience. 

Robert AretzComment