High Street Hospitality Group


It was more than 15 years ago when restaurateur Ellen Yin approached us with her idea for what would become the Philadelphia restaurant sensation Fork. We helped her develop the name, brand mark, and a full menu of marketing communications to capture the restaurant’s sophistication and elegance. Today, our partnership continues. Paragraph continuously works with Fork to keep the brand image and communications as fresh, inventive and exciting as the food through projects including book and web design, advertising, and e-marketing. Most recently, we collaborated with Ellen and her dynamic team to brand their award-winning concept High Street on Market. When Eli Kulp joined Fork, it didn’t take long for this former chef de cuisine of Torrisi Italian Specialties in New York City to put his mark on Philadelphia. After setting new culinary standards at Fork, he set his sights on rebranding the adjoining Fork:etc. There, he and Ellen turned to Paragraph to assist in following through with their vision. We worked with them to name the concept, create the brand mark, develop visual exterior and interior brand elements, and design the menu system.

"….When I was first introduced to Bob Aretz, he invited me to his office in Philadelphia to see some of the work he had done for other clients. I immediately signed on with him and his team to help with several projects; not the least of which was to establish a new brand and to offer assistance with building a culture for our business which had made five acquisitions in as many years.

All of Paragraph’s work for us has been both exciting in content and exemplary in quality.  Not only did they creatively craft corporate mission and vision statements and publish attractive documents on the new culture at a very reasonable cost but they have offered a continuing interaction through use of company newsletters, the monitoring of our social media and a variety of company/employee outings and seminars aimed at recruiting and retaining talented people.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with their work and Bob’s team, many of whom are youthful and energetic, exhibit very directed and focused solution based thinking which belies their years."

— Ken Buck, President & CEO, A&S Services Group, LLC