Lori Cropp has always loved textiles and a good story. She has been inspired by the couture work of her great grandmother and the romantic narratives she experienced working for Ralph Lauren. She spent the past decade sourcing fabrics from mills around the world honing her passion for the history, processes, and people who make these wonderful textiles.

Lori’s passion and experience led her to create a company that is devoted to the craft and provenance of textiles. With Paragraph’s help, she created Camel & Grey. The brand’s focus is to encourage conversation about where things come from, how they are made, and celebrate their place in history. Each pillow is designed and handmade in Pennsylvania and most are one of a kind. Paragraph consulted with Lori and created the brand elements to support this story as well as the packaging and e-commerce website.



  • Naming and messaging

  • Visual language and identity

  • Website design and development