A&S Kinard

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A&S and Kinard were two trucking companies that were combined into one when purchased by a private equity firm. We were approached by the firm to help brand A&S Kindard under one name with a unified message across the organization with the goal to build and eventually sell the company. We utilized the quality reputations in each of their markets and worked with the two distinct internal cultures to implement strategies to bond the organization by implementing employee events, internal communication, and campaigns for driver recruitment, retention, training, and relations. The organization's sales and revenue increased far beyond its original purchase, giving the firm the ability to sell A&S Kinard at a solid valuation. 



  • Strategy and positioning

  • Naming

  • Message platform

  • Visual identity

  • Employee communication

  • Promotional and marketing materials


With the goal of building a united company culture, we developed and planned an annual event that brought employees and their families together for a day of food and fun.

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"….When I was first introduced to Bob Aretz, he invited me to his office in Philadelphia to see some of the work he had done for other clients. I immediately signed on with him and his team to help with several projects; not the least of which was to establish a new brand and to offer assistance with building a culture for our business which had made five acquisitions in as many years.

All of Paragraph’s work for us has been both exciting in content and exemplary in quality.  Not only did they creatively craft corporate mission and vision statements and publish attractive documents on the new culture at a very reasonable cost but they have offered a continuing interaction through use of company newsletters, the monitoring of our social media and a variety of company/employee outings and seminars aimed at recruiting and retaining talented people.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with their work and Bob’s team, many of whom are youthful and energetic, exhibit very directed and focused solution based thinking which belies their years."


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