The Island is Calling

From the gentle shoreline of Rendezvous Bay, to the village beach of Sandy Ground, the British Island of Anguilla offers a range of activities within its personal paradise. Every stop is a destination in itself, each with their own exclusive offerings. We consulted with the Anguilla Tourism Authority and collaborated with the Island’s major stakeholders, restaurants, and business owners to help them define their unique messages. From there we built a website prototype that related to these individualized brands. The website also featured a tool that filtered and personalized itineraries based on a attraction’s characteristics. Users were provided with the ability to customize packages that spoke to the variety of activities and areas.


This interactive map allowed users to explore the different island neighborhoods, and their characteristics, to discover what would best suit them. The segments then highlighted the multitude of activities within that area so guests could further immerse themselves into what matched their interests. Users would then add an activity or attraction to their itinerary.



The itinerary section gathered all selected favorites to an accessible and user-friendly listing. Guests could then view their personal plan on mobile or desktop, and export to print. The provided schedule allowed the uniqueness of every activity to be represented in one, succinct idea.