Pennsylvania Ballet 

As a 53-year-old arts organization in a declining industry, it’s no surprise that Pennsylvania Ballet has had three years of steadily downturned sales. The Ballet hired Paragraph to breath new life into the company and reinvigorate passion for the arts — and of course, ticket sales. Our work with Pennsylvania Ballet on the 2015/2016 season resulted in the second-highest annual revenue in the organization’s history. With our collaboration, the Ballet has reversed its three-year decline in profits, and ticket sales increased 3% over last year. Subscriptions, single sales, and group sales have all seen significant growth.

We created an exciting visual and verbal brand for each program that played to the buying interests of that specific audience and then deployed a combination of digital, transit, outdoor, radio, print advertisements, public relations campaigns, and social media strategy to specifically target the demographics most appropriate to each program.

Speed & Precision

The first program of the season was an opportunity to make a splash with clean, cool colors and contemporary design. Intending to catch the eye of a younger demographic, we marketed the timeless talent of the artists by positioning them as edgy and athletic. 


The Nutcracker

We brought the classic cast closer to the audience by using photography that captured the central characters’ personalities, allowing families to gain a closer connection to the traditional story. Our detail-oriented approach resulted in a 31% increase in gross ticket sales from the previous year. Digital advertising campaigns resulted in a 19% increase in overall ticket sales from the previous year, and mobile ticket sales grew an impressive 188% from the previous year. 


Strength & Longing

For this intimate performance, we captured emotion and yearning with warm tones, a sense of depth, and dramatic imagery. We juxtaposed the obvious power of the dancers with the mystery of true love. 


Don Quixote

We played off the romance and comedy of the performance by framing images of dancers with vivid floral accents and Spanish flare to give a taste of the epic story. Our intention was to capture attention and ignite curiosity about the characters and their passionate tale. 


A Program of Firsts

For this fresh, springtime experience we used airy imagery and organic typography to conjure a feeling of youthful elegance. We portrayed the dancers in the same breezy, cool blues of the iconic “Serenade” costumes and brought the lightness of the dance to life by giving the photography a slightly transparent look. This was the most successful mixed-repertoire program of the season in both revenue and paid tickets. 


Balanchine and Beyond

The advertising for this dramatic season-ending program featured stark, striking photography and clean lines to encapsulate its many emotions. We created a sense of urgency for these performances to encourage the audience not to miss out on the season’s conclusion.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is a classic tale whose look we refreshed for the contemporary version of this performance, which featured recycled materials and an urban feel. We targeted the campaign towards children and young families, featuring a rich collage of animals, textures, and vibrant colors.



After years of flat sales, we took a new approach and created merchandise with a sporty simplicity to better appeal to a broader audience. Soft grays, blacks, and pinks were incorporated to convey the intensity and beauty of ballet. Customers are excited to wear the fresh line of apparel and merchandise sales are considerably higher – up by 27% from 2015 to 2016. 


The School of Pennsylvania Ballet

The prestige of the school is at the forefront of this campaign, and we focused on emphasizing the quality education and professionalism offered by the program. We also highlighted the culturally immersive experience students gain in Philadelphia over the course of their stay.