The Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia is a group of first-generation communities throughout the region that feature vibrant residential neighborhoods, diverse architecture, bustling business and entertainment districts, and remarkable recreational opportunities. Since 2007, Paragraph has worked with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – the program’s creator and administrator – to market and promote these towns as wonderful places in which to live and visit.

Classic Towns Website

The mobile-friendly Classic Towns website acts as the hub for all information about these beautiful and distinct communities. From finding real estate for sale to learning about the collection of businesses and economy, to exploring town-specific events and activities, and even evaluating the walkability for each community, locals use the Classic Towns website as a valuable resource for discovering the many facets of these neighborhoods.

Lists, Lists, Lists

Classic Towns challenged us to come up with fresh content for their website that would engage users and further promote the purpose of the initiative. In response, we created Lists, Lists, Lists, a series of original blog posts that feature an assortment of towns and highlight specific businesses or organizations in the form of a top-10 list. These themed posts are crafted as unique content pieces, curated to take detailed snapshots of the many great venues, restaurants, and activities in the Classic Towns. Read the latest here.


Social Media

The Classic Towns program is about encouraging connections between the towns, and the current and prospective residents. Paragraph uses social media as a forum wherein locals can build meaningful relationships with their town, neighbors, and local businesses. Social media has become an integral part of promoting the initiative and creating a shareable voice for each community.



Digital Advertising  

To promote the livability and programs in each town we use Google AdWords, Search, Display, and Retargeting to reach new and returning users. Over a one year period our strategic ads combined with our social media efforts resulted in a 50% increase in website visits and a 35% increase in new visitors.


Video Blogs

The best way to get the true essence of a community? Combine a skilled videographer with an energetic host and have them meet locals, attend events, and interview business owners. Paragraph creates a series of annual video blogs that showcase the towns’ festivals, farmer’s markets, and concerts, allow us to taste test exotic food, and get a real snapshot of being a local!