Not the Same Old Song


Astral is a nonprofit organization devoted to the discovery and cultivation of talented young classical musicians with star power. The brand was having difficulties articulating their message, making it challenging to communicate their uniqueness to the audiences they engage. We gave Astral a fresh crescendo of strategic branding that would elevate their position and help them share the joy of quality classical music. Astral received a benefit-driven message per audience segment, as well as a vibrant and energetic look to match their personality. The rebranded Astral looks and feels like what is–a contemporary group with an innovative idea. 

Astral_Web_Website copy.png
The Paragraph team spent time getting to know the Astral staff and culture. They attended as many events as possible and spoke with artists, board, staff, donors, and audiences. Obviously, the business of formal interviews, brainstorming sessions, and inventories of collateral happened. However, in my opinion, their true interest in our mission and immersion in our programming is what helped Astral set and accomplish our goals.
— Kristen Golia, Director of Institutional Advancement