The Paragraph team spent time getting to know the Astral staff and culture. They attended as many events as possible and spoke with artists, board, staff, donors, and audiences. Obviously, the business of formal interviews, brainstorming sessions, and inventories of collateral happened. However, in my opinion, their true interest in our mission and immersion in our programming is what helped Astral set and accomplish our goals.
— Kristen Golia, Director of Institutional Advancement

Sometimes a brand’s promise is a few steps ahead of its image. A company may have an out-of-the park idea, something truly unique, but lose their shine in the transition from concept to execution. This was the case for Astral, an innovative organization who was having a bit of difficulty conveying their message to the wider world. Astral is a nonprofit organization devoted to the discovery and cultivation of talented young musicians. Since 1992, Astral has made it their mission to assist these emerging artists in their transition to the professional world. After conducting a series of coordinated interviews, we were able to create a fresh messaging platform for the nonprofit; one that reflected the multitude of audiences they needed to reach in a way that stayed clear and concise. This messaging platform gave way to a rebrand that included a new logo, tagline and visually impactful website that not only aligned with Astral’s updated communication strategy, but also incorporated the concept of music in transition. The rebranded Astral looks and feels like what it is — a contemporary group with an innovative idea.