Antigua & Barbuda: two islands, under a single flag, so lush and exquisite that it’s difficult to do them justice in words alone. The Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority came to Paragraph looking for some help conveying this beauty to the North American market. Through careful research and a close partnership, we began to understand what made the twin islands different from the others in their archipelago. This understanding took shape in the work we did for them, and helped us to articulate their visual and verbal position, identity, and marketing initiatives. Paragraph further assisted the Tourism Authority with their role in New York City’s Caribbean week and designed a full range of marketing materials for the islands, including brochures and banners. Additionally, Paragraph partners with the destination to make sure our digital advertisements and promotions are strategic, targeted, and highly effective in driving awareness and increased tourism. With a more accurate visual identity established, the twin islands are well-equipped to connect with prospective visitors. Helping people feel the sand on their feet and the sun on their face? All in a day’s work.